What Have We Accomplished

Congratulations! you have reached the end of the workshop. We covered a lot of ground on how to apply diversification to Kubernetes and EKS workloads using EC2 Spot.

In the session, we have:

  • Deployed and managed an EKS clusters with workers using eksctl
  • Configured an EKS Cluster with a mix of On-demand and Spot workers and handled placement using Taints/Tolerations and hard/soft Affinities
  • Configured automatic scaling of our pods and worker nodes while applying EC2 Best practices of diversification both in the number of nodegroups and within the nodegroups internal AWS Autoscaling Group
  • Configured a DaemonSet to handle spot interruptions gracefully
  • Deployed an application consisting of microservices
  • Deployed packages using Helm such as Kube-ops-view

EC2 Spot Savings

There is one more thing that we’ve accomplished!

  • Log into the EC2 Spot Request page in the Console.
  • Click on the Savings Summary button.

EC2 Spot Savings

We have achieved a significant cost saving over On-Demand prices that we can apply in a controlled way and at scale. We hope this savings will help you try new experiments or build other cool projects. Now Go Build !