Verifying the app's results

In this section we will use Amazon Athena to run a SQL query against the results of our Spark application in order to make sure that it completed successfully.

  1. In the AWS Management Console, go to the Athena service and verify that you are in the correct region where you ran your EMR cluster.

  2. With “sampledb” selected in the left pane under the Database list, paste the following in the query window and hit Run query:

     CREATE EXTERNAL TABLE EMRWorkshopresults(
       words string, 
       count bigint)
     stored as parquet
  3. When the query completes and the result is Query successful, the table with your results has been created.

  4. To look at some of the results, run this query:

     SELECT *
     FROM "EMRWorkshopresults"
     ORDER BY count DESC limit 100