ECS: Cost Optimize Container Workloads using EC2 Spot


Welcome! The learning objective of this hands-on workshop is to help understand the different options to cost optimize container workloads running on Amazon ECS using EC2 Spot Instances and AWS Fargate Spot. This workshop covers topics such as ECS cluster auto scaling and how to scale efficiently with Capacity Providers to spread your tasks across a mix of resources, both on AWS Fargate and AWS Fargate Spot as well as EC2 On-Demand and Spot Instances.

The estimated time for completing the workshop is 90 to 120 minutes. The estimated cost will be less than $5.

The workshop designed to be completed in sequence. If you are reading this at a live AWS event, the workshop attendants will give you a high level run down of the workshop. Then it is up to you to follow the instructions below to completion. Don’t worry if you’re embarking on this journey in the comfort of your office or home, this site contains all the materials for you’ll need to complete this workshop.

About Spot Instances in Containerized workloads

Containerized workloads are often stateless and fault tolerant, which is a great fit for running on EC2 Spot Instances. In this workshop we will explore how to run containers on interruptible EC2 Spot Instances and achieve significant cost savings.