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Amazon EC2 Spot Instances offer spare compute capacity available in the AWS cloud at steep discounts compared to On-Demand instances. Spot Instances enable you to optimize your costs on the AWS cloud and scale your application’s throughput up to 10X for the same budget.

Spot Instances can be interrupted by EC2 with two minutes of notification when EC2 needs the capacity back. You can use Spot Instances for various fault-tolerant and flexible applications, such as big data, containerized workloads, high-performance computing (HPC), stateless web servers, rendering, CI/CD and other test & development workloads.

This website contains a set of workshops designed for you to get familiar with EC2 Spot Instances and how to use them in different scenarios. The workshops highlight best practices to follow when using EC2 Spot instances in your applications and workloads.

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 Running EC2 Workloads at Scale with EC2 Auto Scaling  


This workshop is designed to get you familiar with best practices for requesting Amazon EC2 capacity at scale in a cost optimized architecture.

 Running Spark apps with EMR on Spot instances  


In this workshop you will assume the role of a data engineer, tasked with cost optimizing the organization’s costs for running Spark applications, using Amazon EMR and EC2 Spot Instances.

 Launching EC2 Spot Instances


In this workshop you will explore different ways of requesting Amazon EC2 Spot requests and understand how to qualify workloads for EC2 Spot.

 EC2 Spot Fleet Web App


This workshop is designed to understand how to take advantage of Amazon EC2 Spot instance interruption notices using lambda functions.