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STOP Please note: That this workshop has been deprecated. For the latest and updated version featuring the newest features, please access the Workshop at the following link: Cost efficient Spark applications on Amazon EMR. This workshop remains here for reference to those who have used this workshop before, or those who want to reference this workshop for earlier version.

Congratulations! you have reached the end of the workshop. In this workshop, you learned about the need to be flexible with EC2 instance types when using Spot Instances, and how to size your Spark executors to allow for this flexibility. You ran a Spark application solely on Spot Instances using EMR Instance Fleets, you verified the results of the application, and saw the cost savings that you achieved by running the application on Spot Instances.

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We hope you found this workshop educational, and that it will help you adopt Spot Instances into your Spark applications running on Amazon EMR, in order to optimize your costs.
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