Starting a new rendering job

In this section you are going to start a new rendering job to be used as the target of the experiment template you created in the previous section.

This section has dependencies on the completion of the AWS Batch section of the previous lab. Please, ensure that you have followed all the steps and that the previous job has completed. Also, verify the output by following the monitoring steps in the previous lab

You can start the new rendering job by running this command:

export FIS_JOB_NAME="FIS-Pottery"
export EXECUTION_ARN=$(aws stepfunctions start-execution --state-machine-arn "${StateMachineArn}" --input "{\"jobName\": \"${FIS_JOB_NAME}\", \"inputUri\": \"s3://${BucketName}/${BlendFileName}\", \"outputUri\": \"s3://${BucketName}/${FIS_JOB_NAME}\", \"jobDefinitionArn\": \"${JOB_DEFINITION_ARN}\", \"jobQueueArn\": \"${JOB_QUEUE_ARN}\", \"framesPerJob\": \"1\"}" | jq -r '.executionArn')
echo "State machine started. Execution Arn: ${EXECUTION_ARN}."

Next, you are going to interrupt the running job.