STOP Please note: This workshop version is now deprecated, and an updated version has been moved to AWS Workshop Studio. This workshop remains here for reference to those who have used this workshop before for reference only. Link to updated workshop is here: Efficient and Resilient Workloads with Amazon EC2 Auto Scaling.

If you’re running in your own account, make sure you run through these steps to make sure you don’t encounter unwanted costs.

Clean up

Delete all manually created resources.

aws autoscaling delete-auto-scaling-group --auto-scaling-group-name ec2-workshop-asg --force-delete
aws ec2 delete-key-pair --key-name asgworkshop

Finally, delete the CloudFormation stack itself.

If you are at an AWS Event, please skip this step!

aws cloudformation delete-stack --stack-name $stack_name
aws cloudformation wait stack-delete-complete --stack-name $stack_name