Clone the GitHub repo

In order to execute the steps in the workshop, you’ll need to clone the workshop GitHub repo.

  1. In the Cloud9 IDE terminal, run the following command:

    git clone
  2. Change into the workshop directory:

    cd ec2-spot-workshops/workshops/running-amazon-ec2-workloads-at-scale
  3. Feel free to browse around. You can also browse the directory structure in the Environment tab on the left, and even edit files directly there by double clicking on them.

  4. You will need to modify the configuration files in this workshop to refer to the identifiers of the resources created by the CloudFormation stack. To make this easier, we will load the CloudFormation Outputs to environment variables. These environment variables will be used throughout the workshop to edit the files with sed. If you have not used runningAmazonEC2WorkloadsAtScaleas the name of your CloudFormation stack, make sure you update the stack_name variable to match your stack name.

    export AWS_REGION=$(curl --silent | jq -r .region)
    export stack_name=runningAmazonEC2WorkloadsAtScale
    # load outputs to env vars
    for output in $(aws cloudformation describe-stacks --stack-name $stack_name --query 'Stacks[].Outputs[].OutputKey' --output text)
        export $output=$(aws cloudformation describe-stacks --stack-name $stack_name --query 'Stacks[].Outputs[?OutputKey==`'$output'`].OutputValue' --output text)
        eval "echo $output : \"\$$output\""

    After executing the above commands you should see the CloudFormation stack outputs listed on your terminal as the following:

    codeDeployBucket : running-at-scale-codedeploybucket-g1sy53g73ko0
    fileSystem : fs-38a6dabb
    instanceProfile : arn:aws:iam::123456789101:instance-profile/running-at-scale-instanceProfile-1DTQQUCMGIU9G
    eventRule : running-at-scale-eventRule-14TS7W590680Y
    vpc : vpc-04e37aea04c2de488
    instanceSecurityGroup : sg-0655496d3a6994056
    cloud9Environment : cloud9Environment-F48dIcjGd66j
    dbSecurityGroup : sg-05a351e4895604fd2
    loadBalancerSecurityGroup : sg-0b88cdbbeffb3823a
    awsRegionId : us-east-1
    lambdaFunction : running-at-scale-lambdaFunction-1SR2D6K0S1BU1
    snsTopic : arn:aws:sns:us-east-1:123456789101:running-at-scale-snsTopic-VOPFFD9IADN7
    publicSubnet2 : subnet-096d42d2a1b2a2db0
    dbSubnetGroup : running-at-scale-dbsubnetgroup-t25qeq64q246
    publicSubnet1 : subnet-0e367e32d2f35cc94
    codeDeployServiceRole : arn:aws:iam::123456789101:role/running-at-scale-codeDeployServiceRole-AFUU6QGYXOQH

The automation to edit configuration files in this workshop is designed avoid excessive copy-pasting. The instructions provide commands that use sed to update placeholder values like this %placeholder-value% with the resource identifications (ids) created by the output of CloudFormation. Regardless of the automation you are encouraged to read and understand the configuration files and confirm the changes applied.