Launching EC2 Spot Instances via an EC2 Fleet

Launching EC2 Spot Instances with On-Demand Instances via an EC2 Fleet

An EC2 Fleet contains the configuration information to launch a fleet—or group—of instances. In a single API call, a fleet can launch multiple instance types across multiple Availability Zones, using the On-Demand Instance, Reserved Instance, and Spot Instance purchasing models together. Using EC2 Fleet, you can define separate On-Demand and Spot capacity targets, specify the instance types that work best for your applications, and specify how Amazon EC2 should distribute your fleet capacity within each purchasing model.

To create a new EC2 Fleet using the command line, run the following

$ aws ec2 create-fleet --launch-template-configs LaunchTemplateSpecification="{LaunchTemplateName=TemplateForSpot,Version=1}" --target-capacity-specification TotalTargetCapacity=4,OnDemandTargetCapacity=1,DefaultTargetCapacityType=spot

Example return

"FleetId": "fleet-e678bfc6-c2b5-4d9f-8700-03b2db30b183"

This EC2 Fleet has requested a total capacity of 4 instances- 1 On-Demand and 3 Spot.

Check them out by running

$ aws ec2 describe-fleets --fleet-ids fleet-e678bfc6-c2b5-4d9f-8700-03b2db30b183


$ aws ec2 describe-fleet-instances --fleet-id fleet-e678bfc6-c2b5-4d9f-8700-03b2db30b183