...At an AWS event

Only complete this section if you are at an AWS hosted event (such as re:Invent, public workshop, Immersion Day, or any other event hosted by an AWS employee). If you are running the workshop on your own, go to: Start the workshop on your own

Login to the AWS Workshop Portal

If you are at an AWS event, an AWS account created for you to use throughout the workshop. You will need the Participant Hash provided to you by the event’s organizers.

  1. Connect to the portal by browsing to https://dashboard.eventengine.run/.
  2. Enter the Hash in the text box, and click Proceed
  3. In the User Dashboard screen, click AWS Console
  4. In the popup page, click Open Console
  5. Select the AWS region specified by your facilitator.

You are now logged in to the AWS console in an account that was created for you, and will be available only throughout the workshop run time.

You can now proceed to the workshop steps Setup the workshop environment on AWS

Optional: If you want to read through basic concepts on Amazon ECS before doing workshop steps, you may go to Introduction