Launching EC2 Spot Instances via Spot Fleet

Launching EC2 Spot Instances via a Spot Fleet request

You can create a Spot Fleet request and specify a launch template in the instance configuration. When Amazon EC2 fulfills the Spot Fleet request, it uses the launch parameters defined in the associated launch template.

To create a Spot Fleet request using the recommended settings

  1. Open the Spot console at

  2. If you are new to Spot, you see a welcome page; choose Get started. Otherwise, choose Request Spot Instances.

  3. For Tell us your application or task need, choose Flexible workloads.

  4. Under Configure your instances:

    • For Launch template, select the Launch template you created earlier.
    • Leave the Minimum compute unit values as default.
    • For Network, select the VPC in which the subnet used in the launch template belongs.
    • Under Availability Zone, check all of the availability zones that have an available subnet.
  5. Under Tell us how much capacity you need, for Total target capacity, specify 6 vCPUs, and for Optional On-Demand portion, specify 2 vCPUs.

  6. Check the box for Maintain target capacity. Leave the Interruption behavior as Terminate.

  7. Review the recommended Fleet request settings based on your application or task selection, and choose Launch.

The request type is fleet. When the request is fulfilled, requests of type instance are added, where the state is active and the status is fulfilled.

Spot Fleet Request

Monitoring Your Spot Fleet

The Spot Fleet launches Spot Instances when your maximum price exceeds the Spot price and capacity is available. The Spot Instances run until they are interrupted or you terminate them.

To monitor your Spot Fleet using the console

  1. Open the Amazon EC2 console at
  2. In the navigation pane, choose Spot Requests.
  3. Select your Spot Fleet request. The configuration details are available in the Description tab.
  4. To list the Spot Instances for the Spot Fleet, choose the Instances tab.
  5. To view the history for the Spot Fleet, choose the History tab.