Congratulations! you have reached the end of the workshop. We covered a lot of ground learning how to apply EC2 Spot best practices such as diversification, as well as the use of capacity providers.

In the session, we have:

  • Deployed a CloudFormation Stack that prepared our environment, including our VPC and a Cloud9 environment.
  • Created and configured an ECS cluster from the scratch.
  • Created Auto Scaling Groups and Capacity Providers associated with them for OnDemand and Spot instances, and applied EC2 Spot Diversification srategies.
  • Configured a Capacity provider strategy that mixes OnDemand and Spot
  • Learned how ECS Cluster Scaling works with Capacity Providers
  • Deployed Services both on Fargate Capacity Providers and EC2 Capacity providers

EC2 Spot Savings

There is one more thing that we’ve accomplished!

  • Log into the EC2 Spot Request page in the Console.
  • Click on the Savings Summary button.

EC2 Spot Savings

We have achieved a significant cost saving over On-Demand prices that we can apply in a controlled way and at scale. We hope this savings will help you try new experiments or build other cool projects. Now Go Build !