Test the Cluster

Test the cluster:

Confirm your Nodes, if we see 2 nodes then we know we have authenticated correctly:

kubectl get nodes 

Export the Managed Group Worker Role Name for use throughout the workshop.

Some of the optional exercises may require you to add extra IAM policies to the managed group role for the nodes to get access to services like Cloudwatch, AppMesh, X-Ray. You can always com back to this section or the environment variable $ROLE_NAME to refer to the role.

NODE_GROUP_NAME=$(eksctl get nodegroup --cluster eksworkshop-eksctl -o json | jq -r '.[].Name')
ROLE_NAME=$(aws eks describe-nodegroup --cluster-name eksworkshop-eksctl --nodegroup-name $NODE_GROUP_NAME | jq -r '.nodegroup["nodeRole"]' | cut -f2 -d/)
echo "export ROLE_NAME=${ROLE_NAME}" >> ~/.bash_profile


You now have a fully working Amazon EKS Cluster that is ready to use!

Explore the Elastic Kubernetes Service (EKS) section in the AWS Console and the properties of the newly created EKS cluster.

You might see Error loading Namespaces while exploring the cluster on the AWS Console. It could be because the console user role doesnt have necessary permissions on the EKS cluster’s RBAC configuration in the control plane. Please expand and follow the below instructions to add necessary permissions.

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