On Demand

Create EC2 On-Demand Compute Environment

Similar to what we did for the spot-ce used by the job-queue we are going to create a Compute Environment which uses a couple of large instances to run the Nextflow process within a AWS Batch job.

Setup Compute Environment

Similar to the spot environment, we choose a name ([1]), select the roles ([2] & [3]). As we do not need access to a local aws-cli we can keep the standard ECS image. 4_create_ce-OD_1

In the second section we select On-Demand[1] as the provisioning model. As this compute environment is only running supervising Nextflow processes, we do not ne and pick some large instances as this compute environment ([2]). Furthermore, we are going to to choose the BEST FIT PROGRESSIVE ([3]) as it will react to failures to acquire capacity.


We leave most of the defaults, set the minimal and desired vCPUs to 1 [1].


We keep the defaults, add a tag so that we can identify the compute-environment in the third section and click create [1].