Local Run

Run pipeline

To check our setup we will run Nextflow on the Cloud9 instance, submitting jobs to AWS Batch.


Run AWS Batch Jobs with Nextflow locally

The first use of AWS Batch is upon us. We are going to start Nextflow using the batch profile.

cd ~/environment/nextflow-tutorial
cat ${HOME}/.nextflow/config  |grep -A5 batch
nextflow run script7.nf -profile batch -bucket-dir s3://${BUCKET_NAME_TEMP} --outdir=s3://${BUCKET_NAME_RESULTS}/batch

The output is going to look similar to this:

$ cat ../.nextflow/config  |grep -A5 batch
  batch {
    aws.region = 'us-east-1'
    process.executor = 'awsbatch'
    process.queue = 'job-queue'
$ nextflow run script7.nf -profile batch -bucket-dir s3://${BUCKET_NAME_TEMP} --outdir=s3://${BUCKET_NAME_RESULTS}/batch
N E X T F L O W  ~  version 20.01.0
Launching `script7.nf` [jovial_jones] - revision: ce58523d1d
R N A S E Q - N F   P I P E L I N E
transcriptome: /home/ec2-user/environment/nextflow-tutorial/data/ggal/transcriptome.fa
reads        : /home/ec2-user/environment/nextflow-tutorial/data/ggal/gut_{1,2}.fq
outdir       : s3://nextflow-spot-batch-result-23641-1587713021
WARN: Unable to create AWS Batch helper class | credentials cannot be null
executor >  awsbatch (4)
[2b/641a4f] process > index          [100%] 1 of 1[f0/a87531] process > quantification [100%] 1 of 1[08/014db2] process > fastqc         [100%] 1 of 1[a1/ced1b8] process > multiqc        [100%] 1 of 1 ✔
Done! Open the following report in your browser --> s3://nextflow-spot-batch-result-23641-1587713021/batch/multiqc_report.html
Completed at: 24-Apr-2020 08:15:40
Duration    : 2m 42s
CPU hours   : (a few seconds)
Succeeded   : 4

The BUCKET_NAME_TEMP S3 bucket (deep link) will store intermediate files from pipelines, which helps to cache executions in case a pipeline is executed twice or needs to restart for some reason.


Debug Job

The AWS Batch Job dashboard (deep link) shows how jobs are passing through stages.


Using CloudWatch (deep link) one can check the logs.


At the end four jobs should have passed.