Spot Compute Environment

Create EC2 Spot Compute Environment

To run the actual genomics tasks, we create a compute environment (CE) using EC2 Spot instances.


In the first section we choose the name ‘spot-ce’ [1], let the wizard create a new service role [2] and select the previously created admin role [3].


In the second section we select Spot [1] as the provisioning model, leave most of the defaults and set the minimal/desired vCPUs to 4 [2].


In a production environment we might want to choose 0 as a minimum to scale down to no compute at all in case no work is to be done. When conducting a workshop we keep the CE from scale down to zero, as a scale out takes a couple of minutes.

We keep the defaults, add a tag so that we can identify the compute-environment in the third section and click create [1].


Afterwards the dashboard shows a spot-ce compute environment.