Dashboard View

AWS Batch Dashboard

Follow this deep link to get to AWS Batch you will be greated by the landing page.


Click on ‘get started’ and skip the wizard.


Now we are at the AWS Batch Dashboard, which allows us to create:

  1. Job Definitions Description of what application (Docker Image), how to use it (storage, resource requirements) and what IAM permissions are granted to the job execution.
  2. Job Queues Logical queue holding jobs. A queue uses Compute Environments to execute jobs. A queue can be linked to multiple Compute Environments with different priorities to use a second queue in case a Compute Environment has insufficient capacity (e.g. reached its configured maximum capacity)
  3. Compute Environments Compute capacity to run the job from the job-queue. They are backed by EC2 On-Demand and EC2 Spot instances running within an ECS cluster. A Compute Environment can back multiple queues, in which case a priority is defined.