Clean Up

Hopefully you’ve enjoyed the workshop and learned a few new things. Now follow these steps to make sure everything is cleaned up.

  1. In the ECR Console, select the monte-carlo-workshop image and then click on delete.

  2. In the EC2 Console > Spot Requests, click Cancel Spot request under Actions. Make sure Terminate instances is checked.

  3. In the EC2 Console > Launch Template, click in the template MonteCarlo-Workshop-Template and then on Actions > Delete Template.

  4. In the SQS Console, delete the queue that you created earlier. This is located under Queue Actions.

  5. In the Cloudwatch console. Delete the Alarms that were created to Scale up and down the EC2 Spot fleet.

  6. In the S3 Console, locate the resultsBucket that was created for your workshop. Click on the bucket and select Empty bucket. You will need to copy and paste the bucket name in to confirm the action.

  7. Under AWS Batch, select Job definitions, click on your job definition and select deregister. Go to Job queues, then disable, and delete the configured job queue. Repeat the action of disabling and then deleting, this time with the Compute Environment.

  8. In the CloudFormation template, select the workshop stack and select Actions and then Delete stack.

The estimated cost for running this 2.5 hour workshop will be less than $5.